The Sacred Grove, Palmyra, New York

A Legacy of Faith

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are beneficiaries of a rich heritage of miracles and suffering, faith and courage, privation and determination, sorrow and joy. For some, this legacy merely consists of a collection of interesting and uplifting stories about the past. But in these accounts, others find deep insight into the way God blesses and sustains His children through all manner of trials, troubles, and afflictions.

I have learned about LDS Church history since my youth. However, it was not until moving to upstate New York that I came to appreciate this legacy in a more meaningful and intimate way. I learned that I have a great deal in common with the people involved in the events of the restoration. I can see something of myself in the lives of many early Saints in terms of strength, weakness, attitude and desire. This understanding makes their struggles, failures, and victories very relevant to me today.

History is written daily as the Church continues to grow, and as its members experience the blessings of God through all manner of adversity. The purpose of this project is to help share the magnificent history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with all who are interested to learn and to participate. I hope this project can become international in scope, as history is written in homes, communities, and countries around the world. The spirit of pioneering is alive and well today. Perhaps together we can share and glean wisdom from the past to improve the way we live, and better prepare for the future.

Thank you for your interest in LDS History Sites. I hope it helps you develop an increased understanding of and appreciation for our rich spiritual heritage.

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