Hill Cumorah

The newly constructed visitor center houses interactive exhibits about the church, the Savior, and the Book of Mormon.


Statue of Christ in the Hill Cumorah visitor center standing in front of the Sacred Grove.


Joseph visited with the angel Moroni on Cumorah four consecutive years in the fall.


The western face of Cumorah. The Smith farm was located several miles to the northwest.


Summer view of Cumorah from the road approaching Palmyra from the south.


Monument relief depicting Joseph receiving the plates from Moroni.


The eight witnesses see the gold plates in this relief.


The three witnesses are shown the gold plates by an angel.


The angel Moroni atop the Hill Cumorah monument.


The monument is located on the northwest face of the hill.


The Smith farm is several miles in the background in this northern view of the monument.


The Hill Cumorah visitor center at is appeared in 1997.


Stained glass depiction of Joseph receiving the golden plates from Moroni in the Cumorah visitor center.


Monument facing toward the west near the top of the hill.


The monument was dedicated in 1935 by President Heber J. Grant.


The Hill Cumorah pageant presentation is performed on this hill during the summer every year.